About Titan View

Titan View is a dynamic Australian distribution and production company with a reputation for innovation and a bold unorthodox approach to getting films in front of audiences.

Titan View was founded in 2007, when CEO John L. Simpson discovered the remarkable independent film The Jammed had been rejected for cinema release and was headed straight for DVD.  Believing that the film would connect to an audience in the cinema, Simpson mortgaged his house to fund the single screen release.

The Jammed exploded on screens and during its first two weeks of release held the third highest grossing screen average for an Australian film of all time, exceeded only by Crocodile Dundee and Lantana. The Jammed went onto screen at The United Nations at Human Rights Conventions in New York, Vienna and Geneva, and was nominated for seven AFI Awards, four FCCA and six Inside Film Awards.

In recent years, Titan View has pioneered in distributing Australia's first international co-production between China and Australia, 33 Postcards, starring Guy Pearce. Titan View is also the recipient of the 2011-2012 Innovative Distribution Grant from Screen Australia, designed to support low budget screen content that does not fit into a traditional distribution and exhibition paradigm.

Dedicated to presenting entertaining films that explore the human condition, Titan View aims not only to challenge and inspire, but also to convey the bigger picture: the TITAN VIEW to the world.